Pornography, Dietary Supplements and the First Amendment

in 2002 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that large sections of the 1996 Child Pornography Prevention Act, including the depiction of virtual child porn, were overly broad and unconstitutional. Free speech advocates and pornographers had challenged the legality of the act, and six of the nine justices sided with them..." Today pornographers have free reign. [...]

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How Pornography Addiction Affects The Sex Lives of Couples

If one half of a couple is addicted to pornography in a monogamous relationship, it is a certainty that over time, the amount of sex that couple will have will reduce [...]

Help For the Partners of Sex Addicts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) ยท What is sex addiction? Sex addiction is an obsessive relationship to sexual thoughts, fantasies or activities that an [...]

Dating Tips – Discrediting the Six Myths Preventing Guys From Beguiling Ladies Easily

Are you a guy who is seeking to discover just how to go out with and allure gals effectively? If you've been working to meet women for the longest time without attaining a [...]

Virtual Idols and High Tech Addictions

As I prepare for a parent-teen seminar that I will be leading soon on "Virtual Idols and Addictions" I find that the more I study the more my heart is saddened. I am [...]